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Guest Name
Nalini MacNab
Guest Occupation
Life-long Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Writer/Author, Teacher
Guest Biography

Nalini MacNab is the luminary behind Chalice of Wisdom. She is internationally known as a transformational seer and wisdom carrier, an ‘incarnate’ or embodiment of the Great Mother. Her ability to access multi-dimensional information comes directly from Source. The focus of the transmissions and alignments that come through Nalini is that we all have the same Source connection.

We came here to express divinity in a symphony of amazingly beautiful, yet diverse, harmonies. Look to nature for your examples: snow flakes, leaves, cherry blossoms no two are ever the same, and they are all ‘perfect’.  She has written a selection of articles and ebooks, to empower those on the journey.  Her new book, just out, is called "Walk A New Way".   

You can find out more on her website, and she is also on Facebook!