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Guest Name
Max Langenburg
Max and Karen Langenburg
Guest Occupation
Inventor, Biophysics, Water Purification and Oxygen Enrichment
Guest Biography

Max and Karen Langenburg are Co-inventors of Langenburg Oxygen Water Albrecht (Max) Langenburg was born in 1948 in Germany. His advanced studies in German engineering and biochemistry were integrated with practical applications in machining and prototyping. This combination allowed Max to conceive and then develop technologies with speed and effectiveness.

Max came to the United States in 1984, and has devoted his career to researching, inventing and developing life-changing technologies in water science, mechanical engineering, human cell studies and biophysics. Over the past 37 years, his passion for inventing has devoted countless hours and millions of dollars developing revolutionary premium water processing applications for communities, industry and for holistic health advocates.

The videos at the website provide a vision of how advanced this oxygen water technology is.

That includes exceptionally pure oxygen water with ideal PH and unique hydration properties that activate the memory of healthy cells like no other bottled water on the market. Optimal cell metabolism thus translates to improved elimination of cellular wastes, better assimilation of blood plasma nutrients, and cellular repair and rejuvenation in the process.

Max is currently President of Langenburg Technologies, LLC in Eugene, Oregon. He has four children and his wife Karen is owner of the company.

"In one drop of water are found all the secrets of the oceans." ~ Khalil Gibran


Dr Christopher Rudy

19 March 2016

2016 has a lot of portents for global holistic healing if you look for them, and we'll be discussing some of the breakthroughs on this show. Enjoy! ~ Christopher