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Success Energizer and Oracle. Exponential Intelligence.
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After his second near death experience, Mas Sajady was gifted with intuitive and healing abilities so remarkably potent that he was soon likened to some of the most significant healers in history. Mas works on the core frequency level to help redesign and reprogram your blueprint, materializing fast and tangible results and manifesting abundance in all areas of life. Thousands around the world have transformed their lives after just one or a few sessions with Mas.  "Change your frequency, change your life," shares Mas.

maggie (not verified)

29 March 2017

Thank You Debbi for hosting Mas Sajady! He's not one of, but THE most powerful, transformation leader out there! He's changed my life in more ways than I could count with all my fingers, toes and teeth! LOL. Sending my love to you and Mas. 'See' you soon!

Debbi Dachinger

29 March 2017

In reply to by maggie (not verified)

Thanks Maggie ~ I'm excited to chat with Mas today, and know it will be a content-rich show for all.  Appreciate your comments and look forward to knowing you are out there during today's healing show at 12 PT! :-)