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Guest Name
Marlene Wallach
Guest Occupation
Owner, Gleem Beauty, Beauty Advocate
Guest Biography

Marlene Wallach is the founder of Gleem Beauty. She was also the president of Wilhelmina Creative Model Management for nearly two decades. Nationally recognized as the arbiter of all things beauty, an author, and an empowering educator. Marlene brings together a career of knowledge from within the beauty industry and works tirelessly with models and their skin concerns.

With Marlene's beauty background and a long-time advocate of clean beauty, she explains how Gleem Beauty got its start: "During my decades with Wilhelmina Creative Model Management, models often came to me for skincare recommendations saying that nothing was helping their skin. The simple answer was – to develop products that I could certify! From that moment on, I was driven to learn more about dermatology, skincare products, and ingredients; what was most effective to achieve healthy, radiant skin with GLEEM.”

My first step was to get certifications in esthetics, acne-care, and LED Light Therapy. I then spent time working in a MedSpa to learn first-hand about the (skin) care process. Simultaneously I was researching the most up-to-date skincare science and formulations along with seasoned medical professionals. Next, Gleem Beauty was born! At Gleem Beauty, we believe whether you are strutting down the runway or walking down the street, feeling the Gleem is what life is all about. That is the philosophy that is at the core of Gleem Beauty.

“Male and female, different ages, different problems – we all have skin in the game. With Gleem Beauty, everyone has a chance to shine through and through" says Marlene.

 Marlene’s former models say: 

From a practical view - now a biomedical engineer, one model says back in the day at Wilhelmina Models, “Marlene always preached to her models how important it is to take good care of your skin, so it was no surprise when she released Gleem Beauty”. 

From a philosophical view - a familiar face on recent streaming series “A proponent of self-care and self-beauty, Marlene was an early leader in the industry, promoting self-esteem and beauty from within to her community of models”.

Marrying the practical and the philosophical, Gleem Beauty has created clean beauty products for women and men of all races and ages who want to take their skincare to the next level and feel the Gleem.

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