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Guest Name
Marina Kamen
Guest Occupation
Fitness Expert, Video Workout Series Developer, Fitness Trainer, Casting Director, Choreographer, Writer, Proucer, Violinist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Aerobic Instructor, Entrepreneur
Guest Biography

Marina Kamen aka MARINA who has lost 100 pounds and is the winner of the People’s Choice Award for her catalog of over 1,200 Musical Fitness audio & video Workout Programs, 400 Original songs and 50 albums Online for Download

Marina is also a 53 year old mother of 3, a Certified Fitness Trainer, Casting Director, Choreographer, Billboard Charting writer/producer/violinist & vocalist. Infomercial Television products call on Marina to actually find those people and transform them into those beautiful before & afters we see on TV. She gets them to lose weight, teach them about fashion & styling and transforms them into shape! Marina has worked closely with some of the country’s hottest photographers, makeup artists and designers.

She has written hundreds of songs we hear everyday in our fitness classes and on runways for over 25 years charting in Billboard and charts around the world. Marina has pioneered the health & fitness industry as one of the original aerobic instructor at BodyDesign by Gildas in NYC 1979. Her roster of celebrity clients have included Faye Dunaway, Madeline Kahn, Lauren Hutton, Liza Barbara Feldon and countless others. Marina pioneered the Reality Television industry starting in 1999 appearing on PBS”-In The Mix”, Noggin’s “A Walk in Her Shoes” The Discovery Health Network “I Lost It” The Tyra Banks Show” in addition to having a Pilot shot of her in NYC back in 1999.

She has co-owned Kamen Entertainment Group since 1987 together with her husband of 28 years, Roy Kamen, which has received 150 Television, Radio, Commercial, Music and Fitness production awards over the past 30 years. Marina’s music and voice has been heard on numerous commercials including Verizon, Poptarts, Exxon Mobile, Equinox and Tourneau.

She has worked with a multitude of celebrity talent including Liza Minnelli, James Earl Jones, Patti LaBelle, and Carnie Wilson. Marina has also choreographed for companies including Columbia Records, BMG Records, and The Naras Foundation. Marina has been covered in Prevention Magazine, Woman’s World, Billboard and The New York Times. Marina’s charting music has been heard in health clubs, retail stores, runways and gyms around the world in addition to being used by various fitness clients including Jazzercise, Dynamix, Jackie Chan’s Cabel Flex. Marina’s latest projects have been The Firm Express Get Thin in 30/Gaiam, Jillian Michaels/Gaiam, Ab Shake/Ab Coaster/Tristar Productions, The Rack, Cardio Karate/Urban Group Exercise and Michael’s Olajide’s Aerobox for All Star/ Script to Screen