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Energy Healer and Teacher.
Guest Biography

Macaya Miracle is an inspired energy healer, teacher, business coach, musician, aspiring kundalini yogi and entrepreneur. After spending over a decade helping businesses and corporations create web sites, Macaya let go of his web design business and became an internationally renowned teacher and facilitator of energy healing and mentor to energy healers who want to spread their message to the world and fill their practice. Macaya is the CEO and founder of Being Joy! Which works with energy healers, coaches and spiritual seekers to transform their life, business and spirit. He also trains spiritually inspired people in advanced energy healing tools all over the world. In his sessions he uses Accelerated Light Healing to create the greatest change in the shortest amount of time.  His business Being Joy! donates a portion of its profits to the Change the World Through Healing Scholarship, an award given to college-bound students in the U.S. who desire to become alternative healers by studying the healing arts at an academic level.