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Guest Name
Lynn James Everard
Guest Occupation
Expert on How To Speak One's Truth. Author coach, speaker, life coach and literary producer
Guest Biography

Lynn Everard, Author, Author Coach, Speaker, Life Coach and Literary Producer
Expert in How To Speak One's Truth.

Lynn is a product of incest. He grew up in a home with his alcoholic and abusive father and spent most of his life believing that in order to be safe he needed to be perfect, silent and invisible. At the age of 64, he learned how to speak his truth and now teach others how to do it. Author of, "How Speaking Your Truth Could Save Your Life and How it Saved Mine".

Lynn guides people in discovering and embracing their true selves and inviting them to walk freely into a future with greater self-confidence and limitless possibilities. He also helps people discover their hidden stories and limiting beliefs. Once discovered these stories can be rewritten so that people can live their best lives.

Lynn Everard is first and foremost a writer. He has been writing for over 40 years, professionally for over 25 years. He is the author of over 100 published articles, reports, and blogs. He has served clients as an editor, publisher, and ghostwriter. He is passionate about helping aspiring writers become outstanding authors of books and powerful authors of their own lives. 

In addition to being skilled in the mechanics of writing, Lynn also serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement to his clients.  

Lynn is the author of the forthcoming book, How Speaking Your Truth Can Save Your Life and How It Saved Mine and is the Co-Creator of the soon to be launched How To Speak Your Truth Workshop. By assisting his clients in writing their stories and their lives, he helps them speak their own truth.