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Guest Name
‎Lily Kolosova
Guest Occupation
Internal Researcher
Guest Biography

‎Lily Earthling: Energetic overview of 2015  

I am a Internal Researcher for our Organic Earth and Organic Sun, the current Matrix System and the return to the Original Earth Timeline.

On my path of self-discovery and through a process of disintegrating the programs and belief systems I found my own Spirit.

Working with Planet, nature and animals I found a way to harmonize my own spirit with Earth, creating a strong connection with our Mother-Planet.

Through  this connection I was able to plug into the Organic core of this Intelligent and conscious Being where everything organic is communicating with everything else organic.

Through this connection I learned that Our Planet has a plan for Humanity and All life on it. This plan is absolutely brilliant and it will take Organic Earth and Organic Sun out of the Matrix System and back to the Original Earth Timeline.

I am discovering and revealing Earth Human Plan.

On this show we are looking to address :

As we are getting to the end of the Year we are looking to have a energetic overview of 2015 and talk about 2016 and challenges that Humanity may face 

How we can keep in > Zero< point through these challenging times. 

We are also looking to talk about how we can continue and keep mark with our self and collective healing process

How we can start manifesting organic Human reality......

Definitely 2015  had huge impact on the whole humanity... 

Station#1 to listen: 1-716-7480150 >> to interact :1-888-627-6008