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Best Selling Author #ThePOWERPlan, Certified Clinical #Hypnotherapist & #LIfeCoach.
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Want to unlock your unique life purpose? My guest is Lia Dunlap, known as the Oracle on Purpose.  Lia is an Intuitive Business Architect with 25 years of experience guiding entrepreneurs to unlock & capitalize their Business Genius to find purpose, process and prosperity at their business sweet spot.  Lia’s inspired programs and practical services have helped thousands of clients in over 76 countries align their unique life purpose with their business strategy to create the impact they were born to make.  She helps leaders avoid the mistakes that keep them frustrated while doing shallow work and anxious about having their gift die within them.  Lia helps conscious leaders who are determined to have a major impact on the world, yet are still struggling with overwhelm and a lack of clarity, understand their next steps.