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Guest Name
Lee Patrick Hanks
Guest Occupation
Health Coach
Guest Biography

Health Consultant
Lee Patrick Hanks

For 35 years, Lee has been investigating the field of human health and wellness.  As a holistic health consultant, he brings a wide range of holistic disciplines to his team’s consulting practice as a health coach.

Lee’s undergraduate studies were at Oakland University in Michigan, in Philosophy and Psychology. His graduate studies followed at the Himalayan International Institute (affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania-Scranton). His studies focused on the Science of BioEnergetic Medicine, Yoga Science, and Transpersonal Psychology.

Lee’s continuing interest lead him to study the health systems of various cultures worldwide and the ancient mystery schools of knowledge. These adjunct studies have enhanced his deep understanding of the transpersonal nature of human beings, and how the physical body heals.

In 1998 Lee experienced a near death health crisis. His recovery took several years, during which he sought to find the source of the illness which nearly killed him. Lee’s research finally brought him to a deeper understanding of the body’s biochemistry. With this knowledge of how to re-balance the various systems of the body, Lee was able to heal not only the symptoms of his illness, but to also pin point the source of his lifelong ill health.

Now Lee, along with several extraordinary practitioners, offers a team approach to support their client’s health and well-being.  Lee and his team work with clients to investigate the causes and suggest how they can repair the imbalances brought on by stress, poor diet, toxicity and emotions.

Lee offers Seminars/Webinars on the latest holistic science regarding health optimization. He also conducts personal sessions with clients from around the world to investigate the underlying causes of their disease and related body issues.

His website is at:

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