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Leah is an author, intuitive healer and inspirational speaker.
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This episode is about Emotional Healing + Spiritual Guidance to Live Your Best Life. My guest is Leah Guy who is a new thought leader and expert in emotional healing and personal development. She’s authored three books, the latest being Overcoming Toxic Emotions, A Practical Guide to Building Better Relationships with Yourself and Others. Leah uses her personal triumphs over sexual abuse, addiction, anxiety and eating disorders, along with more than two decades of experience in private practice working with clients and organizations, to help people transform their lives. She’s a sought-after inspirational speaker and course instructor on DailyOM and InsightTimer and teaches people how to access their full potential by addressing and clearing repressed trauma and emotional memory. A national media personality, Leah has appeared on hundreds of top outlets as an expert on meditation, the mind-body connection, energy medicine, and emotional and spiritual healing. To learn more: (+ iTunes The Modern Sage Podcast)