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Karen Steil
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Church of Profitsea, Author
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The Church of Profitsea®

A New Trinity: Happy, Healthy and Wealthy

By Karen Steil

Creating a church without walls based on mentorship, not membership, where the highest ideal is to manifest Source Energy into wealth for all

Building Self-Worth to Create a Powerful Net Worth


More than 20 years have gone by since Karen Steil first received the inspiration for the Church of Profitsea®--in of all places Las Vegas, a seemingly Godless city that worships money.

Could there be a for-profit church, she pondered, whose mission could be the upliftment of mankind through the celebration, appreciation, accumulation and circulation of wealth, a wealth that manifested through the understanding of the Laws governing Source Energy? Could the knowledge and wisdom of how to positively engage the Law of Attraction be taught from teacher to teacher, instead of a pulpit, building a strong church peopled by those who truly believe and live the promise of: "I Live in an Abundant Universe that Delights in Expressing Its Limitless Supply Through Me."

That time is finally here. After 20 years in incubation, the world is finally ready for the Church of Profitsea®.

In her book The Church of Profitsea®: A New Trinity: Happy, Healthy and Wealthy, Steil lays the foundation for this new non-institution, a church without walls based on mentorship, not membership, where the highest ideal is to manifest Source Energy into wealth for all.    

But the church has more on its mind than money. Money is only the end result of adherents that trust the God within, honor and love themselves, see the light in others, take responsibility for their actions and follow their inner wisdom.  

Says Steil: The New Trinity of "Happy, Healthy and Wealthy is a package deal. Your Self-worth will create your net worth. The happiest, healthiest and wealthiest people in the world don't give money a second thought. They focus on what makes them the happiest, which in turn creates a healthy mind and body, which in turn generates ideas, which in turn creates more wealth."

The Church of Profitsea® is for every Entrepreneurial Spirit who knows that wealth is not something earned; it is something conjured, appreciated, and shared.... This church is about Profit... literally and figuratively. Profit is synonymous with creative ideas and creative ideas come to those who have prepared themselves to receive. In other words, those who know they are worthy of creative, profitable, and innovative ideas will succeed in whatever endeavor they choose.

The purpose of the book is to  introduce the Church and the concept of vibrational alignment-to create a "vibrational setpoint" within -- that makes everyone "a profit center" within the world, and the starting point to empower and enrich other "profit centers"-other human beings.

Notes Steil in the book: "It is now 9:30 AM. The world's population has increased by 152,000 Points of Light since midnight. There have been 277 new profit centers born every minute since midnight. If you don't like thinking of yourself as a profit center, then think of yourself as a contributor to someone else's profit center, because you are that, also. Contributing with Joy is the key to Happy, Healthy and Wealthy."

Steil's vision has already called forth mentors who are sharing and supporting the growth of other church participants. Sustainable Wealth, she says, is about investing profit into more profit centers. The Church of Profitsea®, like the Law of Attraction, is all about inclusion, not exclusion. The doors are open to all who want to participate in spreading the good news that being Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy is the natural course of evolution.

And she reminds us that the idea of having a church with no physical walls or spiritual boundaries, and that lifts people into financial freedom and the abundant life, is not a new idea. Jesus taught his followers how to accomplish it 2,000 years ago.