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Guest Name
Karen McGregor
Guest Occupation
TEDx Speaker, Author, Trainer
Guest Biography

International speaker and trainer Karen McGregor helps high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs create real and lasting change. Leveraging ancient wisdom teachings of the Tao, Karen brings realistic strategies for the modern professional that helps them achieve:

+ More Calm and Less Chaos
+ More Productivity and Less Stress
+ A Simple Map to Mindfulness
+ An Increase in Positive Influence
+ Leadership from the Inside Out

Karen is an inspirational speaker motivating leaders to be powerful influencers through the integration of ancient wisdom teachings. Her TED-x talk (Vancouver March 2018) "How to Find Fulfillment - The Secret to Happiness" has been viewed over 1M times. Karen has spoken on stages with Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins and John Gray, as well as at the Evolutionary Business Council Annual Retreat of global transformational leaders, and many, many more stages.

A chaos to calm expert and a strategist in mastering the inner mystic with the outer activist, Karen supports individuals and teams to produce lasting change from the inside out. Her talks include topics such as:

Unshakeable: How Influencers Stay Present and Calm Through Chaos

How to Get Along with Anyone: Wisdom Teachings of the Greatest Influencers

Turning Blame into Bridges: How to Influence Positive Change Without Pointing Fingers

She has been featured on CBS, FOX News, abc, nbc, USA Today and Readers Digest, and is the author of the upcoming book "The Tao of Influence" launching in September 2020.