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Kara Johnstad is a 'voice visionary' who grew up as a songwriter in Berlin Germany. Kara’s spring debut on Cosmic LOVE (April 16th show) featured her extraordinary voice with this music video, MESSAGE OF HOPE:

Kara is a fascinating guest with mystical insight into voice dynamics through humming, toning and singing that opens the throat, liberates the voice and releases heart coherent energies.

Listen to Kara’s new July 16th song, WE HAVE A CHOICE at:

Kara utilizes Skype to provide voice tutoring to highly intelligent people worldwide who have lots of heart but haven’t found their voice.

The show today will go further into the science and spirit of the sacred word in frequency and form. Discover how an enlightened voice can not only upgrade one's heart-mind connection, but also, counterbalance the lower vibration of thousands who are stuck in negativity.

Welcome Kara Johnstad to Cosmic LOVE with Your Presence!