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Guest Name
Julia Vergara
Guest Occupation
Holistic Life Coach
Guest Biography

Biography of Juliea Vergara as taken directly from her website at:

A one of a kind certified Life Coach and Trainer who specializes in guiding people to achieve their dreams, providing customized tools and techniques for you to develop and maintain a balanced life.

Julia Vergara is originally from Colombia where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology. Wishing to advance both her professional and personal life experiences, Julia set off to Montreal gaining invaluable experiences and language skills as a result.

Having met and fallen in love with a man while vacationing in Miami, Julia put fate in the hands of higher powers and moved to the United States as a newly woman, putting professional endeavors aside for the time being. As with each of us, Julia faced challenges, some of which were both emotionally painful and difficult to overcome.

The all too common routines of many marriages became a part of life; working hard to pay bills, living each day for the tasks at hand rather than living for self-fulfillment and attainment of personal wishes.

Julia pursued a new found passion, that of providing professional massage. She was good and found that benefiting others in such a manner was rewarding to her. So the career is set again, but her marriage continued to falter; ultimately leading Julia to seek divorce as the only option for finding what would hopefully be a permanent peace of mind.

A devoted and open minded woman; Julia renewed her vows with the very same man, believing at the time that the changes in each of them were strong and powerful enough to heal the wounds, fill the voids, and create a foundation for future growth in their relationship; no small leap of faith as you may imagine…

The miracle presented itself differently than expected. While the bond between Julia and her husband never solidified, the couple did create a most wonderful child together, Veronica was born on January 19, 2008.

A mother now, and divorced again, Julia was feeling lost with no signs of a clear path ahead, she took the key step of reaching out for help; sensing that professional guidance would be beneficial to getting herself back on track.

The coaching sessions were a success and Julia discovered that exposing her own vulnerabilities and missteps brought forth a great sense of relief. She found renewed clarity and focus, allowing her to open her heart and truly touch upon the core of her life’s purpose. Discovering this calling to provide similar support for others as was offered to her, set the foundation for what is now an extremely fulfilling career as a life coach here on the island of Maui.

The desire for change can be very good, but the act of making changes is often far more difficult. Julia’s belief in her own intuition, supported by the trusted guidance of her coach, gave her the motivation, the fire to pursue her dream; personal life experiences fueled the flames.

She has gives core training sessions that offer each client a foundation for daily, weekly and long term balance in their lives by teaching how we can best overcome our resistance to change, and how we can look at changes as desired positive outcomes to pursue.

Active in her community, Julia continues to enhance the lives of others in many ways; facilitating conferences at business and association training seminars and through her soon to be published book on the subject that she cherishes most of all, coaching others towards a most fulfilling life and parenting.

Julia is keenly aware that a centered life begins in the early years, when children are free of judgment and far more open to learning. Her book to be published, illustrates techniques for balanced parenting, creating balanced children, and how to use energy to raise happier kids. She offers steps that make parenting easier by using energy techniques, speaking to how modern children require parents to take modern approaches.

This journey, this awakening and preparation; provides Julia with first hand experiences that draw her naturally to an approach of inspiration and personalized guidance for each and every client.

Julia is the definition of a “Holistic Life Coach”, integrating everything in the wellbeing of a client: health, career, finances, relationships and more. Her personal experiences paired with a desire to pass along what she has learned from them, combine perfectly with professional training and a dedication to actively listening and understanding the needs of each client. There is one end in mind when Julia and a client work together, to define, inspire, and fulfill that client’s expectations for a peaceful and tranquil life.

Julia Vergara -Life Coach “Empowering lives through inspiration”