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Guest Name
John McLuckie
Guest Occupation
Level 3 QHHT Practitioner,
Guest Biography

Thank you to being open to the magical QHHT experience.
If you want to experience a pure QHHT session then please feel free to contact John.
John is very blessed to be a full time QHHT professional and the only practitioner world wide that does Qhht sessions every weekday as a ful time career so he is super blessed, very experienced and can handle anything.
Please visit my website for contact details. session stories and free meditations on my YouTube channel and please contact me if you would be interested in having an experience of a lifetime.
John lives and breaths QHHT + hypnotherapy so finding the right practitioner can make such a huge difference to gain the best results. If you feel like John can be of service then please feel free to contact him and he is more than happy to have a chat.