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Guest Name
Joe Staub
Guest Occupation
Former Strength Coach & Director of Business at Strive Wearable Technologies for Athletes
Guest Biography

Joe Staub began his journey like most in the sports business, he was a former athlete but wasn't going to advance to become a professional, so he moved into coaching. Staub competed in the decathlon as a multieventer in Track and Field at the University of Connecticut while also completing his undergrad and first Master's degree with some of the top kinesiology professors in the world. Staub found himself falling into strength and conditioning right away, he'd always had a passion for training and enjoyed understanding how to improve. Staub worked his way up from intern to GA, to eventually getting his first full-time job at the University of Kansas, eventually leaving Kansas to become the Director of Strength & Conditioning at Hofstra University a small D1 school in Long island. While at Hofstra, he taught as an Adjunct in the Sport Science program, finished his MBA and received additional certifications in human resources, strategic planning, and management.

Eventually Staub stepped out of coaching and moved into working with nutrition products and now into the Sport / athlete monitoring division of athletics. It was a perfect move for him that allowed him to use his network while being customer facing in addition to helping internal operations.

Staub joined Strive after meeting with the co-founders at a conference in 2018 and was immediately blown away. Every school Staub had worked at they created a paradigm integrating the academic research side and the sport performance side in athletics, so being very familiar with all the different technologies in addition to having used every major technology in the Athletics world right now, when he saw the combination of things that Strive was doing he was impressed and decided to join the team.

Today Staub serves as the main contact for teams and athletic programs currently working with Strive as well as prospective clients. He is hands on with clients, onsite for demos, installation as well as any testing or management that needs to be done.