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10x your sales call results
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im Padilla is the Founder of Gain the Edge, a go-to guy for all things sales, and a master collaborated whose purpose is to help entrepreneurs.
Guest Biography

Jim Padilla is the King of Collaboration, a Visionary at the Helm, and CEO of Gain the Edge Jim has created an army of heart-centered sales rock-stars. Along with his wife Cyndi, they have partnered with top industry leaders to exponentially increase their online launch, and back-of-room revenue. Jim sets up a strategic sales system and a sales force that averages over 25,000 sales conversations per year in a variety of formats. Gain the Edge is the secret weapon of choice for many industry experts; anchoring over $100 Million in sales for the likes of Josh Turner, Justin Livingston, Lisa Sasevich, and Bill Baren. Jim keeps his team and his clients on the cutting edge of sales conversions strategies.