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Jason Parker
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peaker, Author, Educator, Youth Sports Consultant
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My name is Jason L. Parker and I am a Speaker, Author, Educator and Youth Sports Consultant. I firmly believe in rediscovering character within our youth sports today. I also speak to youth/parent groups, coaches and school administrators. My platform is 'Engaged Athletics' and our mission is to use sport as a catalyst to change students lives from the inside out. I am a former Division I and Pro athlete who only realized the power of athletics in my life when I was just a few days away from flunking out of law school. This epiphany helped me to complete my law degree, but I quickly transition to becoming a school Athletic Director so that I could share the value of my realization ​​with students, parents and coaches on a daily basis.

I have recently completed my first book Engaged Athletics: How to Leverage the Power of Youth and High School Sports to Impact Overall Student Success (June 1 release date) and speak on several topics (listed below) that may be of interest to your audience. If so, feel free to contact me at to learn more about the movement.  I'd love to connect with you!

  •  Messaging for Coaches

    • Importance of your Platform

      • Mastering your Craft
      • Protecting Professionalism
      • Creating Engagement
  • Messaging for Parents
    • Helping Youth Develop Identify
    • Let What They Love Lead
    • How 3Cs (Character, Commitment, College) of Sport Changes Things
    • Book Trailer: 

My new book 'Engaged Athletics' is designed to equip parents, coaches, and school administrators with the tools to help students get the most out of sports participation. While many students are playing sports, few are leveraging the power of athletics to change their lives both on and off the court. Find clarity on your sports philosophy, learn goal setting, and develop the proper outlook to help kids unlock a character, commitment, and enhanced levels of sports skills.