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Guest Name
Hope Mead
Guest Occupation
Photographer, Film Maker, Songwriter, Healing Arts Practitioner, NDE Experiencer, Shaman, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Author
Guest Biography

Creator and producer, along with Randy Mead, of the movie, “Orbs: The Veil Is Lifting.”

Hope Mead is an artist who expresses herself in many forms. She is a professional photographer, film-maker, songwriter, healing arts practitioner and mother. 

While studying photography at California Institute of the Arts, in her early twenties, Hope traveled to a village in Liberia, West Africa with her Shamanism professor.  It was there she had her mind expanded not only culturally by living in a polygamous society, but also through contracting malaria and having a near death experience.

In the Fall of 1973, two months after returning from W. Africa, Hope was introduced to Dr. John Lilly and began experimenting with his isolation tanks (sensory deprivation tanks).  The first time Hope floated in the dark tank, she returned to the same place she had discovered in her near death experience, and was validated at a deep level about something she had known since childhood . . . we are aware of a very limited reality and we live side-by-side with other dimensions that are always available to us.

Hope is delighted that she can now share these other dimensions through her photography and the Orb experience.

Hope Mead has explored the interaction between spirit and form all her life. She has helped others explore this interaction for over 30 years through: photography, body work, song writing, dance, writing, film making, being a birth coach, being a death coach and being a mother.

Hope knows first hand of the radically different realities available. She has this knowledge from many sources, including her experience with a Shamanic Studies program where she lived with a polygamous tribe in Liberia, West Africa, working with Dr. John Lily in isolation (sensory deprivation) tanks, meditation, a camel driver in Israel who wanted to trade his camel for her, and now, she is being able to share visions of etheric realities with everyone through her work in interdimensional photography. Hope has her B.A. in Arts and Media Technology. She is a certified massage therapist and reflexologist, and a songwriter whose songs have been heard on national television.