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Guest Name
Harvey Kraft
Guest Occupation
Award-winning American author and a Spiritual Archeologist
Guest Biography

Harvey Kraft is an award-winning American author and a Spiritual Archeologist. He is pushing the envelope of research into the evolution of higher consciousness by linking the Universe, Existence, and the Mind. He has unearthed ancient evidence showing the inherent capacity of the human mind to expand consciousness beyond perceived limits—an “evolving talent” that may be critical to navigating the future of the species and the planet.

Harvey Kraft is the author of 'The Buddha from Babylon: The Lost History and Cosmic Vision of Siddhartha Gautama' (SelectBooks, NYC), and the upcoming visionary sci-fi novel, The Waker: Portal of Perfect Light.

The Buddha from Babylon is a double Gold Winner of the USA Best Book Awards for two non-Fiction categories: Eastern Religions and History (World), plus it received the 2015 IPPY Silver Medal for Religion (Eastern/Western) from the Independent Publishers Book Awards.

Adept at interpreting meanings in ancient mythic language, Harvey Kraft explores the hidden messages of history and story from a spiritual/intuitive perspective, rather than traditional studies influenced by military conquests or religious agendas. His research method employs a vast array of resources, including archaeological findings, ancient cosmology, cross-cultural linguistics, oral teachings, historical events, and mythic literature.

After a lifelong study of the vast compendium of Buddhist literature, he wrote his breakthrough biography of Siddhartha Gautama, The Buddha from Babylon—challenging elements of the sage’s historical legend and connecting him to the proto-sciences and natural philosophy of his time. Most importantly, he has identified the Buddha’s original teachings designed to explore the meaning and scope of Enlightenment, as an expression of cosmic consciousness.

Painting the image of an unparalleled seer and observer, philosopher, cosmologist, and the founder of psychology, Harvey Kraft examines the grand scale of the Buddha’s integrated, advanced system of Existence…revealing insights about time, space, scale, dimensions and the origins of Life that are millennia-ahead.

Harvey Kraft states, “Based on modern revelations of the Big Bang, Genetic Code, Quantum Mechanics, and Brain Waves, scientific awareness has shifted to a deeper engagement with the nature of Existence, ironically an area of exploration once central to ancient seers.”


"(The Buddha from Babylon) is the most comprehensively written and researched piece intertwining cosmic, religious and political history. As essentially a theory of everything, this seminal work offers…a new understanding of Buddha’s role, our origin, our interconnectedness and thus the transformational strategies we need to truly shape our shared future."

— Wanda Krause, PhD, former assistant professor, Qatar Foundation and University