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Psychic and Coach: become a highly-sought after woman...a woman that elligible men pursue, even if they've never seemed that interested in the past...
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Easily Learn how to Invite True & Lasting Love into Your Life! Glenda Shenkal has been coaching people in personal-transformation worldwide, for over 20 years. In childhood she discovered she could ‘see’ all aspects of a person’s nature through what she describes as “innate sensing.” Glenda guides her happy clients into their own best life path of joy, abundance and personal power through her laser-focused insights and her instinctive, instantaneous recognition of other people’s inborn soul path. The author of several books, including You Are Beautiful Enough and Love Comes Easily, Glenda teaches her clients how to easily find the love of a lifetime, by learning the 4 key concepts and one lifestyle change, which together, can change everything. These days, single women clients keep asking her to teach her signature process, called, “How to Get Men to Run After You.”