Guest, Fiona Simpson

Guest Name: 
Fiona Simpson
Fiona Simpson
Guest Occupation: 
Bi-aura therapist, holistic life coach
Guest Biography: 

In my 30's I was completely overwhelmed, I was depressed, I had acne rosacea and felt helpless and hopeless, I also believed the only way out was to die.  However, the universe had other plans, I sought out alternative healers for the acne and they helped me see the bigger picture which shifted my perspective.  It was a truly transformational experience, I stopped looking outside of me and looked within, I had been a total victim to my parents, my husband, media etc. and never knew I had the power to change me.  My life was a vibrational match to my inner discord, a pure reflection of what I thought I deserved, Mirror, Mirror is a guide book to how I became aware of my oh so critical voice and how I challenged and tamed it, I had forgotten how magical life is. The more conscious I became the more I vibrationally shifted from victim to empowerment.  All imbalance is an inside job.

I live near London, I have 5 children, I give remote healings all over the world and hold workshops on personal energy. My daily intention is to have fun, feel vibrant and appreciate.  I love yoga, painting and walking.


Mobile: +44 (0)7791 448367

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Mirror Mirror by Fiona Simpson