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Guest Name
Evelyn Sztojanov
Guest Occupation
Coach, Social Entrepreneur
Guest Biography

Evelyn Sztojanov is a transformation coach and social entrepreneur who primarily works with women to design a life lived from the heart, that makes them feel truly alive. Her clients are people who are ready to step into their power in their health, careers, personal relationships and overall evolution.

Having worked in the mind-body-soul space for over a decade she has accompanied hundreds of people in designing a mindset, lifestyle and habits that make them glow. She offers both one-off life changing sessions in the spirit of brief therapy, as well as a 9-week program to create a holistic Inspired Life Design (ILD). 

Evelyn’s previous experience includes running global operations for one of the biggest companies dedicated to teaching consciousness and healing at large seminars around the world, as well as creating an innovative mind-body-soul studio concept in Mallorca, Spain, where she is currently based.

She holds a degree in Business Administration and is a certified Life Coach. She fluently speaks English, Spanish, German and Hungarian. In her playtime she enjoys being in nature and sharing deep, meaningful conversations with family and friends.