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Guest Name
Eric Tippetts
Guest Occupation
Speaker, Author, Coach, President of The Expense Tracker
Guest Biography

Get to the Top of your Relationship With Money, with our guest Eric Tippetts, Author of the Book, “To The Top, Simple Everyday Steps to Succeed Financially.”

About Eric TippettsEric Tippetts is a speaker, author, and coach with 20 years in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) industry, Eric is an expert in creating and keeping relationships. As President of The Expense Tracker, Eric oversees all Sales of this powerful program that helps entrepreneurs quickly become profitable and can be seen across the country and internationally speaking at live events.

Eric’s programs were recently named “#1 ‘must have’ financial programs in the Direct Sales Industry” by a top trade magazine.  These same programs are utilized by over 150,000 individuals and Eric has trained tens of thousands at live events on “how to become profitable within 7 days” of starting your own small business.

Eric’s experience with many top companies like 3M, Proctor & Gamble, The Boeing Company, Mona Vie, Mannatech, Melaleuca, Nuskin and many more, has caused several publications to quote him in articles published in several top magazines including USA Today, LA Times, NY Times, Forbes, Redbook, Elle, Selling Power Magazine, and many more.

He has also appeared on numerous TV Shows including Good Things Utah, Fox Business News, ESPN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and many more.

Eric lives in Southern California, USA with his wife and daughter.