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Guest Name
Elias Scully
Guest Occupation
author,motivational speaker,business coach, entrepreneur, writer, personal development coach
Guest Biography

“Every man [and woman] I meet is my superior in that I may learn from him [and her]”. - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

In his freshman year of College, Elias Scully discovered his passion.

Instead of studying computer science and following the path that had been designed for him by family and society, he switched majors and decided to study Philosophy. 

The experience of finding his passion prompted him to pursue his love for philosophy in the academy where he stayed on that path for about 10 years.

Among the many questions that captured his attention in his graduate school career was finding out how thoughts affected action.

- What drives people to the make the choices they make?

- What moves them to want to excel?

- Why do some people overcome challenges and some give up?

- What strategies and techniques can one use to better manage their mindset and attitude?

- How can one effectively motivate and inspire oneself to keep going despite personal and financial complications and setbacks?

Elias sought answers for these questions from within the field of philosophy. But he didn’t stop there. He also looked for answers in other fields of thought; reading and studying books from clinical psychotherapy, religious studies and even pop psychology. He also spent time observing and studying the way professionals kept themselves in top mental and physical condition. And in this process, he discovered fundamental principles of thought and action that have allowed him to use his energy consciously and to purposefully direct it toward achieving his personal and professional goals.

Despite the results he experienced and shortly before writing his PhD dissertation, he recognized a deep desire in him to do something different. He knew he had a gift to impact people – to move them to actively direct their lives, change their habits and live their purpose. He also realized that the academy was no longer the right place for him to see the full fruition of this gift.

He began to experience this feeling with greater and greater intensity each day until one day the answer he was looking for was there. So he quit his Ph.D and started a personal development website

On his website, Elias writes articles to help people make conscious decisions in their lives and grow in their personal lives and their businesses. And he uses his own example to demonstrate the effectiveness of his strategies and techniques. He does so by taking on personal development challenges and writes about them on his blog. In fact, he is currently in the last quarter of his 90,000 Words in 90 Days Challenge. In this challenge, Elias has been writing 1000+ words every single day on various topics within the discipline of personal development. And he has been publishing those articles every day since August, 1st 2015.

So tune in to the interview to learn how to take your life to the next level.