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Guest Name
Elena Harder
Guest Occupation
entrepreneur, best-selling author, podcaster
Guest Biography

Elena Harder is here to catalyze your Joygasm! Through her own experience of decades of depression, postpartum rage and psychosis, she awakened to the need for mother centered communities of care.

Spending far too many years as a workshop junkie, single mother and struggling entrepreneur she knows what it is to work too hard for too little reward. A destined encounter with Joygasm showed a path out of the shitstorm and into a new beautiful life. Sharing vulnerable stories of transformation through her podcast The Joygasmic Life.  She offers attunements to release rape from your yoni, quit expecting the worst from your kids and heal compulsive over giving. She is an international best-selling author of 3 books with a postpartum healing journal coming soon.

She catalyzes mothers to empower themselves through digestible eCourses to help remove negative self-talk, alchemize daily stressors and create their own Joygasmic Life.