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Guest Name
Elena Danaan
Elena Danaan
Guest Occupation
Druidess, Contactee, Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Shaman, Wisdom Keeper, archaeologist
Guest Biography

Elena Danaan

Born in France, I studied Fine Arts and Archaeology in Paris and spent twenty years of my life as a field archeologist in Egypt (in Karnak temples, Cairo, Denderah and the Valley of the Kings), and in France with Neolithic, Celtic and Gallo-Roman cultures. With a university degree in Egyptian religion, I also had the privilege to be trained locally in traditional Egyptian Magic.

Magic has always been part of my life. From a young age I was aware of my vocation and discovered early that I could heal and foretell. During my twenties I travelled frequently to Brittany to spend time with local Druids. The true nature of my path was revealed to me in the heart of Broceliande. After years of travels around the world as an archaeologist, I moved to Ireland and embraced my true calling.

Druidess from the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, Celtic celebrant for all life rites, healer, shaman and runes seeress, I also work in graphic arts as an illustrator and a painter. Using natural resources from the West coast of Ireland, I create jewellery and magic wands, and fashion Celtic cloaks

Fully-certified Druid and Celebrant from the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, experienced Shaman and Channeller, I help people to find their own power and reconnect with their spiritual path, guiding them through life and facilitating their self-growth. As a starseed, my task is to help others awakening to their true nature and power, as well as to the awareness of their own personal mission.

Celebrant & Druidess

As a qualified druidess from the order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, I lead the grove “Solas an Iarthair” in West Kerry, facilitating ceremonies for the eight Celtic festivals of the year. I am a celebrant for all rites of life and passage, having trained and qualified with River Jones. Being a druid is a vocation, a passion, a privilege and a way of life, in service to the community of all living beings

Runes Wisdom

I honour the heritage of my maternal great grandmothers from the Baltic island of Gotland, where magic interweaves the traditions of Saami and Norse cultures since time immemorial. I was taught the art of runes as a Völva - traditional Norse seers and wise women, daughters of Freya - receiving my first set of runes from my grandmother at the age of nine. Their wisdom has since blessed my path


My competencies as a reiki practitioner and Celtic druidess join with sound therapy and traditional shamanism to promote healing. The first step is to determine the right method for the individual and then proceed, using different tools such as aura reading, reiki, sound healing, protection work, shamanic cleansing, deep shamanic journey, and druid energetic healing, based on the different components of the body and the elemental forces of nature

Celtic Journeys

A series of guided meditations based on Celtic Spirituality. Each first Sunday of the month, at Re Nua Natural Health Clinic, Goat street, Dingle Co. Kerry. I offer a series of workshops once a month, as well as a weekly course, to explore the symbols used in Irish druidry and become attuned to the sacred festivals of Celtic tradition. Discover the links between these ancient and sacred symbols  and our being and bodies

An Artist

Laureate of the National School of Fine Art in Paris, I marry my numerous artistic talents with my knowledge of archeology and druidism, to create unique and beautiful representations of the Celtic lore and myths