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Eden Amadora
Eden Amadora
Guest Occupation
Author, speaker, coach, mentor and spiritual guide
Guest Biography


Eden Amadora is a speaker, coach, mentor and spiritual guide. She is a featured author in The New Feminine Evolutionary, Sacred Body Wisdom and Divine Reunion. She is an ordained 13 Moon priestess, master facilitator, archetypal channel, a mystic and a muse. 

After 20 years of yogic and shamanic training Eden was led to finding her heart at home in the Divine Feminine mysteries and the 13 Moon Mystery School. She left behind a jet set lifestyle in the music business and a high six figure income as an international model to pursue her soul’s calling. She is now an Ordained Priestess, ecstatic embodiment guide, and an initiator in catalyzing the remembrance of other’s authentic voices and fully embodied expression.

As a ceremonial facilitator, sound healer and prayer-formance artist Eden also enjoys leading sacred song and ritual circles using sound and voice as an alchemical tool for transformation.​

Eden’s greatest joy is in witnessing the life-changing transformations that occur in her ceremonial spaces, offering women an embodied experience of engaging with the archetypes of the Divine Feminine and offering men an initiatory experience of working with the archetypes of the Sacred Masculine. Her elevating programs free her initiates from old patterns that no longer serve like paradigms of competition and comparison and initiate them into a new world of embodied wholeness, cooperation and self-sovereignty. 

Eden serves the great awakening on Earth by uplifting, inspiring and supporting all to return to the center of their own true beauty to fully embrace themselves as nothing less than unique and precious embodiments of the Divine. This is the radiant heart of her successful trainings.

Her clients acknowledge and praise her as, “One of the most extraordinary facilitators in the arenas of archetypal embodiment and sound and movement.” She is highly regarded as a pure and seasoned “presence of transforming love” and raises a uniquely effective call to awaken our authentic selves and sets a high standard for men and women to show up in all of their sacred power and balanced wholeness, fully-embodied and aligned with their heart essence and soul wisdom. 

Eden offers a profoundly safe and sacred space as a spiritual guide on this journey of awakening through the Sun Heart Initiations, the 13 Moon Priestess Initiation Circles, retreats and private and group mentoring for women on the priestess path and men on their journey of soulful mastery.