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Guest Name
Dr. Stephen Furlich
Guest Occupation
Doctor, Teacher, Author
Guest Biography

Dr. Furlich produces research with the goal of understanding human behaviors. In particular, he focuses on the analysis and comprehension of communication behaviors both personally and professionally. Two particular areas are those communication behaviors that often go unnoticed and those communication behaviors that people can intentionally communicate to achieve their goals. His work heavily emphasizes the benefit of applying academic research: it is not enough to only learn about communication. Developing nonverbal communication skills to communicate more effectively is vital. His most recent research interest is exploring the role of biology and communication. His perspective is that only focusing on social influences limits understanding. One's biology influences their communication and their communication influences their biological reactions.

Dr. Furlich has published two books, both of which were Amazon #1 bestsellers in their respective categories. Additionally, he has presented his research on national television, national radio and national podcasts. In his free time, he enjoys working out, watching sports, traveling and reading to learn more about human behaviors, spirituality and Christianity.

Ph.D, Higher Education, Texas Tech University
M.A., Communication Studies, Texas Tech University
B.A., Psychology, Texas Tech University