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Guest Name
Dr Sam Mugzzi
Guest Occupation
Doctor of Natural Medicine, PhD
Guest Biography

Dr. Sam Mugzzi is a doctor of Natural Medicine PhD, Certified Iridology, Certified BioFeedback Specialist and Radio Host on KCOR.

The best way for you to develop better life skills is by taking an active role in your healing process.  Dr. Sam can lead the way, but it is ultimately up to you to achieve the health goals you desire. 

Through the meta space, and frequency; Dr. Sam has the ability to narrow in and find out where the depletion occur.  There are no guarantee's to results because many factors come into play.  Your ability to change a life long pattern, educate yourself on better ways of taking care of your body, and changing the body's song; are some of the components needed to heal yourself. 

With many years of education, Dr. Sam can help to direct you into avenues that can help.  Of course, do not let your education stop there.  Use the knowledge that Dr. Sam shares with you to begin your quest to take control of your future health needs.  

If you are ready to begin your health evolution, please look Dr. Sam Mugzzi up on her website, and let's begin. 

You can catch her radio show, or updates on Free Thinking Radio. Past blog talk radio shows are uploaded to her YouTube channel. Many guests that offer a new perspective on our reality are presented. What you choose to accept, delete, disagree, or apply is totally up to you.

Don't wait for an emergency to start your health evolution.  Start when you have time to learn the basics for become accustomed to the new way of thinking about the body, health, and nutrition. 

Call Dr. Sam