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Guest Name
Dr Nick Campos
Guest Occupation
Teacher of Wellness, Chiropractor and Author
Guest Biography

Dr. Nick Campos is a teacher of universal principles and truths as they pertain to the health, wellness, sex, sexuality, emotion and evolution of body, mind and spirit. 

As a healer trained in the art of chiropractic, and as a prominent chiropractic sports physician, he has helped thousands of people overcome physical injury and trauma, allowing them to regain their functional lives. Dr. Campos believes that wellness encompasses more than just the physical body, so his inspired mission is to assist people in navigating through mental, sexual and spiritual challenges, while teaching them tools to empower themselves in every area of their lives.

Dr. Nick Campos goes above and beyond to offer wellness in so many forms and flavors.  He is innovative, creative, brilliant and motivated to offer each life he touches a greater quality of health and life.

His upcoming book “Seeking The Self Through Meditation” is also a course that has taken off like crazy.  He teaches at corporations, on-site employee trainings, yoga studios, small and large groups, medical facilities, doctors, patients and seniors transitioning to the end-of-life.  He even teaches students in high school and college.  He is available, and you should book him soon!

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Twitter - drnickcampos