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Guest Name
Dr Lorraine Hurley
Guest Occupation
Medical Doctor
Guest Biography

Dr. Lorraine Hurley

is the host of Uncommon Awareness.

The shows mission, or objective, is to raise awareness of issues not commonly, or truthfully, reported in the mainstream media or disseminated through the other social institutions that define our day-to-day life. The shows name reflects the following belief; that true awareness is uncommon and that a change or expansion of awareness changes everything. It changes our outlook, our lives, our view on reality and our ability to respond to and engage whatever experience we find ourselves in the midst of. A change of awareness changes everything!

We are in the midst of extraordinary times. What we have been educated indoctrinated or manipulated into believing about the world we live in is being challenged and exposed as a lie of cosmic proportion. This difficult and startling realization is paradoxically a gift. Once we appreciate that we are living in a matrix built on deception, fraud and an insane desire for control we can begin to ask important and relevant questions, we can begin to participate in life mindfully and in empowered ways such that the matrix of insanity is dismantled. In order to exercise our power we must first be aware of how it has been usurped and how we may responsibly and creatively take it under expanded conscious control.

Uncommon Awareness strives to bring guests to the program from extraordinarily diverse backgrounds, interests and accomplishments. There is a huge emphasis on health as it is pretty hard to be aware, awake, conscious and empowered when you don’t feel very well. But we expand the definition of health and we expand the sphere of what is called relevant and reliable information. Health is not just about physical integrity. In addition to nutrition, functional and alternative health practices our show promotes:

  • Awareness of the role of consciousness in the creation of reality
  • Emotional, mental and spiritual awareness, or rather an expanded view of our make-up and abilities
  • The elucidations of quantum physics (gosh I love this stuff !)
  • Ancient wisdom teachings and technologies (love this too!)
  • The extraordinary accomplishments in our world that are never permitted adoption by society and an opportunity to morph our world for the better.
  • The extraordinary abilities that we, as human beings, possess and have yet to develop
  • Ancient healing tools and wisdom being re-discovered and mastered
  • New innovations as keys to acknowledging, challenging and changing paradigms and enabling both personal and collective transformation
  • Dignity and recognition for the accomplishments, potential and vision inherent in the lives and experiences of us all.

Our take on reality is often disturbing at Uncommon Awareness but our goal is not to be another fear-mongering, hand wringing, purveyor of bad news. Our goal is to bring you into an awareness of how you can re-write the script, re-work the experiences of your lives and harvest meaning, purpose and joy out of your daily life.

We wouldn’t be anything without you—the listener. We wouldn’t grow as well as we could without your participation. So please, participate, make your voice and experience known to us. Thank you for your interest in what we are doing!