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Guest Name
Dr Gary Sprouse
Dr Gary Sprouse
Guest Occupation
The Less Stress Doc and author of Highway to Your Happy Place – a Roadmap to Less Stress
Guest Biography

Dr. Gary Sprouse, also known as The Less Stress Doc had been a primary care physician on the Eastern Shore of Maryland for over thirty years. He retired in 2024o. He is a member of the American Medical Association, president of Queen Anne's Medical Society, and MENSA. He is extremely passionate about bringing happiness into the lives of those he serves through humor, compassion, and understanding. He was a down to earth physician who was honored that patients would seek his advice. His goal as a physician was to help each patient feel better by the end of each encounter. He took his job seriously, but he also found room for having fun by wearing elaborate Halloween and karaoke costumes, such as Elton John or Pitbull. He has spent over three decades researching better ways to heal the mind and body, which has led him to writing this book. His book is titled “Highway to Your Happy Place: A Roadmap to Less Stress”. He hopes he can help you find a more peaceful state of mind with his new insights and tools!