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Guest Name
Dot Claire
Guest Occupation
Modern-Day Medicine Woman, Empowerment expert, Anti-aging Advocate
Guest Biography

Dot Claire, Modern-Day Medicine Woman, is an empowerment expert and advocate for Aging Young with Vibrant Living. She weaves a tapestry that embodies vibrant health, empowering women over fifty to awaken their courage, activate their power, and create financial abundance.

With 36 years of experience, Dot brings nursing, healing touch, and aromatherapy to her work as an intuitive healer and Reiki master teacher. As a Sacred Place Practitioner, she shifts the energy of one’s environment and creates sacred ceremonies to support and empower women who are feeling overcome and distraught by money, health, and loss issues.

Through speaking engagements, online courses, and private sessions, Dot passionately inspires women to shift thinking, energize money flow, and flourish financially in life and in business.

Dot Claire, Medicine Woman and Energy Expert

“Moving Energy to Attract More Money”