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Guest Name
Denise Colette Lamoureux
Guest Occupation
Denise helps you identify the triggers and emotions in your life and heal from the inside out with a nurturing and caring approach.
Guest Biography

Want to heal old trauma and know that the world is a safe place? My guest is Denise Colette Lamoureux whose quest for healing from her childhood trauma and addiction, combined with her education in western and eastern medicine created The Colette Technique for Core Trauma Healing. The Colette Technique is a very quick solution to healing old trauma.  Present day trauma can be released at a fast rate with rapid results, such as freedom from anxiety, addiction, suicidal thoughts, cutting, weight gain or loss, auto immune illness, emotional well-being, physical problems and dislike of the self and life. Having found extraordinary results in her practice as a healer Denise offers private sessions as well as teaching and speaking about this technique.