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Guest Name
David Cowan
Guest Occupation
Spiritual Coach, Nutritional Consultant, Quantim health Coach
Guest Biography

 From early in his life, David’s interest has been in understanding the breadth and depth of the human experience, with all its variance and extremes. His interests led him to the study of Psychology, as David felt that in order to best understand this world and the human condition; he needed to understand the mind. It was clear to him that any positive change for people or society must begin on the level of each person's experience within the mind; what he now recognizes as the primary 'level of causation.'

In David’s work as a youth and employment counselor, he noticed that many people did not understand how to 'run' their physical and emotional bodies very well. This led him to the study of nutrition, and eventually into the realm of Quantum Biofeedback. Working with energetic technology taught David much about the nature and workings of the mind, and eventually, along with his wife, Erina, they developed a method of direct intuitive  interaction with the deep unconscious mind along with a means to correct the mistakes at the root of suffering. This method is called 'Mind Field Repatterning.' David is very happy to be extending his work out to the world of relationships, as this seems to be the 'next level' in the healing of society, our institutions, and our relationships with each other and with this beautiful home on planet Earth.

David is the author of three published books, Navigating The Collapse of Time, Seeing Beyond Illusions, and Dowsing Beyond Duality, available on and the website, He enjoys making music and living in the beautiful surroundings of Boulder, Colorado