Guest, Daniel Jacob

Guest Name: 
Daniel Jacob
Daniel Jacob, The Reconnections
Guest Occupation: 
Bio-Energy Bodyworker, Conscious Channel for The Reconnections
Guest Biography: 

I am Daniel Jacobs, a native of S. California, currently residing in the Greater Seattle area of Washington State.  

For 25 years, I worked as a Bio-Energy and Rehab Bodyworker---owning and operating two Multi-Therapist Clinics on the Eastside of Lake Washington.  My main focus during that time was treating personal injuries, chronic stress, and working with people who were going through intense life transitions. Throughout that career, I built a healthy interface with the Professional Healing Community - clearly articulating the benefits of Hands-On and Bio-Energy Techniques as bold, innovative modalities for healing and personal wellness.    

In 1991, I opened myself to the Spiritual Process of Conscious Channeling---having encountered a Soul Group of Energies who called themselves “The Reconnections.”  I bought a small laptop computer and began focusing my innate writing talents on bringing through a host of Articles and Transmissions dealing with the New Paradigm of Universal OnenessMultidimensionalityPlanetary and Physical Body ChangesAscensionAstral Travel, and a number of other subjects.  You can find my work at the link below, and am also on Facebook!

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