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Guest Name
Dakota Taylor Frandsen
Guest Occupation
Specialist of the Strange
Guest Biography

Dakota Frandsen is an author, poet, musician, occult specialist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and so much more! I am on a mission to change the world, and build an empire to do it!

Specialist of the Strange, and Podcast Host of "Specialist of the Strange Radio Show," Dakota provides a unique perspective that combines both mainstream science and supernatural perspectives in order to provide as thorough analysis into claims of the unknown possible; thus allowing him to remain versatile in the face of any situation that arises. Dakota has been in the face of demonic beings, Sasquatch, UFOs, and more.

Dakota studied various texts and claims since he was 11 years old and taken on investigations since age 14. His experience spans from investigations, summoning, exorcism, documentation, research, and experimentation.

At the age of 14, Dakota founded the "Paranormal Raider Force," a team of individuals dedicated to helping people understand the issues from "unknown sources." It was through the efforts that expansion into books and the media as possible as outlet representatives continued to hear about Southern Idaho's lone teenage ghost hunter. But at the same time, it was revealed that plenty of other issues plagued the clients he served, ones that had quite "normal" origins.

"Ghosts, monsters, aliens... I've been on cases to go after it all and turned up evidence that could very well point to the existence of such things but as the "hunts" continued rather unfortunate matters came to fruition. Signs of domestic abuse, suicidal tendencies, drug use, and much more were prevalent in a variety of cases. With my own personal struggles in those areas and connections with law enforcement, I established partnerships with various charities to help combat these issues while further studying the effects on the mind and in dealing with the supernatural."

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