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Collin Lee
Collin Lee
Guest Occupation
A real rocket-scientist-turned-marketer
Guest Biography


For almost two decades, COLLIN LEE has been writing for others, mainly for brands – national and international ads (some even ran during the Summer Olympics and the World Cup), websites and strategic plans. And now, he’s embarking on publishing his very own stories, starting with The Efil Brothers (that he’s been working on and off for the past 20 years!), which will be a series of picture books for all ages. He writes not only with his mind but also with his heart, in the hope that his stories will touch the hearts of many.

Collin Lee is a marketing professional with 20+ years of experience in all aspects of marketing and advertising, from traditional advertising to digital experiential marketing. His fluency in both English and Korean has allowed him to effectively work as a business liaison between Korean and American companies. His entrepreneurial passion has also led him to found an advertising agency, a marketing consulting firm and an entertainment company. He also speaks regularly at premier events such as Digital Hollywood on emerging media technologies. He possesses a rare combination of a scientifically trained mind, thanks to his aerospace engineering education, and a creative mind, shaped by his years in advertising — A real rocket-scientist-turned-marketer.