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Guest Name
Christina Winslow
Guest Occupation
Publisher, Author, Speaker
Guest Biography

Christina brings training and support through her consulting, writing, classes, and her live radio show.  She brings more than 20 years of experience in alternative health, publishing, and corporate sales management. 

Christina offers her clients and listeners a unique perspective of the wellness industry from her vast experience as an Alternative Health Business Consultant, Marketing Professional, and Teacher. She has worked with international organizations specializing in wellness products and services as well as the small business .

In addition to her alternative health business experience; Christina holds a BA in Journalism/Mass Communications from UNC which led her to create Big Country Publishing, an international multi-media publisher of print books, audio, video and electronic products. This company is a traditional publisher who offers a new energy to the publishing industry.

Through combining her experience with marketing and her knowledge of publishing, Christina offers a unique skill set to her clients and authors. She understands how to custom tailor their unique business offerings through her consulting creating a valuable branding and product development plan for their business.

Christina has learned how to successfully merge her vast experience in the alternative health field with her top performance track record in the corporate world. As an owner of several small businesses and recognized nationally as a multi-million dollar top sales producer in the high tech industry; Christina offers a fresh approach to the new era of business.