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Guest Name
Charmian Redwood
Guest Biography

In 1980 Charmian Redwood had a Near Death Experience in which she returned to Oneness and remembered Who She Is. Since that time she has been assisting others through her workshops and personal sessions to reconnect with and their own Divine Self and to activate the DNA codes for ascension. She has remembered her many lives as a teacher and healer in the mystery schools always guiding her students to find the God Within and to empower themselves.

Since moving to Hawaii in 2006 Charmian Redwood has brought forward many memories of Ancient Lemuria where we lived in Oneness and used our intention and connection to the Source to create everything we needed in our lives. Her work now is to bring back the teams who worked in the Ancient Crystal Cities so that we can begin to create our New World.

Charmian offers sessions of Hypnotherapy for the Soul. She guides her clients to experience themselves as Soul, to ask what The Soul wishes to say to the personality self and to look at the cause of any issues which clients may be experiencing in their lives such as illness, relationships, employment. The Soul knows everything about us, past, present and future. These sessions can be done by skype or phone. She also offers Akashic soul readings where she brings through memories of past lives in the temples, on other stars and guides the client through initiations they had in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Sirius etc. Charmian taught in all of the Mystery Schools of the past and in this lifetime she is meeting her former students and taking them in just a few sessions to reclaim the knowledge which once took years of apprenticeship to achieve.

Charmian offers many workshops on connecting with archangels, a Mystery school where students learn to receive their own messages.