Guest, Brock Williams

Guest Name: 
Brock Williams
Guest Occupation: 
Cyber Security Expert
Guest Biography: 
Brock Williams is a computer scientist and avid technology enthusiast who has an extensive background in cyber security spanning over 15 years. Low-level systems programming and commercial software development covering anti-virus solutions, threat mitigation, penetration testing and security auditing are his primary expertise. Prior to majoring in Computer Science focusing on the Microsoft Security Specialist area of concentration at Sinclair College in the heart of Dayton, Ohio Brock was once active duty military in the United States Coast Guard (USCG) performing telecommunications work. He then moved on to entrepreneurship and formed his own independent security research company Torseq Technologies at the ripe age of 21 where he and his small team of other like-minded security specialists devised chat and IM protection tools around highly popular chat clients (Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, ICQ, IRC) eventually developing a userbase measuring in the millions after 7 years of regular development.
Brock enjoys educating people about online dangers and how to both prevent and remove cyber threats to businesses and personal computers as well as email systems which serve as common attack vectors for blackhats (malicious hackers). A self-proclaimed "Whitehat" who has worked for an Italy-based IT security company as their Senior Software Engineer while developing many of the company's freeware and commercial (paid for) security software applications which focus on malware detection and removal as well as other interesting tools that can be freely downloaded and are utilized by millions of end-users worldwide. Outside of being highly skilled in the development and maintenance of Anti-Rootkits which is the most powerful aspect of controlling a system to do an attacker's bidding, Brock has also written several white papers which detail how to exploit and/or compromise "vulnerable" systems at the enterprise/corporation level which have been confirmed and made publicly available by major security publications such as 
Some large companies include Yahoo-Inc and Armstrong Cable (a large Internet Service Provider (ISP)) hosting millions of accounts. Brock has also had the privilege of briefing special agents within federal agencies such as the FBI pertaining to specific security concerns and specialized forms of attack methods employed by today's modern malicious software (malware) such as DLL injection, API hooking and DKOM at the kernel level. Recently Brock was offered a Senior Software Engineer position at F-Secure Corporation (A top 5 Anti-Virus company) at their Helsinki, Finland Corp Headquarters but ultimately decided to remain stateside on U.S. soil.  These days while still active within the threat landscape, reverse engineering malware samples, and providing system security consulting services to companies whom contract him he is currently authoring his own programming and network security book which he hopes to have published in 2017. In addition to consultations he also offers private seminars in which he charges a small fee for participants to receive a mini-boot camp which is a 12 hour long crash course in analyzing hostile systems infected by malicious code. New classes will be offered after the 1st of the year and he can be emailed directly for pricing and the course outline.