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Guest Name
Billy Easton
Guest Occupation
Executive Director for Alliance for Quality Education
Guest Biography

Since 2005 Mr. Easton has been the Executive Director of AQE.  He brings 30 years of experience in community and union organizing and a wealth of experience in strategy, media relations, politics and legislative activity to his work at AQE.  Billy provides significant leadership to the organizing, policy, media relations and strategic work of AQE and partner organizations.

He has provided a major leadership role in campaigns to increase school funding and to prevent cuts, to win revenues through the millionaires’ tax, to reform school discipline in order to reduce racial injustice in school suspensions, and to fight back against corporate reforms and testing in education. 

Billy is frequently quoted in statewide and local media outlets across the state. He is recognized by policy makers for his policy expertise in issues relating to school finance and policy. In each of the past two years he was selected by City & State magazine as a member of Albany’s Power 100.