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Guest Name
Billie Jean
Guest Occupation
Spiritual Communicator & Mentor
Guest Biography

Billie Jean began this journey when she was a child. She was raised on a farm, and from there was out on her own at the age of 16. With a lot of lessons learned, she is where she is at right now, having acknowledged her gift and ready to pursue. 

Billie is a mother, grandmother and an animal activist, with the love and compassion for all animals and mother earth, as they live in the moment, they are love and to the purest form as they are of mind body and spirit.

Billie is also of native descent, and offers healing in all aspects, for humans, who would like to heal and ascend to a higher level. This also applies to animals, such as horses, dogs, cats, farm animals, etc. She sees and feels the power within, and she would like to share this gift with all. When doing healing on humans, she can tell where their pain is, and what is going on at a higher level. Billie walks between both worlds and is very much in tune with who she is.

Author of Quiet Whispers: Lessons from the Animal World (My Best Friends): The Awesome Life with Animals