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Guest Name
Arnaud Saint-Paul
Guest Occupation
Visionary and Technologist
Guest Biography


In a nutshell…

Recipient of 15 Innovation Honors and Awards, I inspire businesses and individuals around the world by helping them reach their highest potential. As a visionary and technologist, I have been awarded for many outstanding achievements in innovations, technology, and methodology.

Driven by the knowledge that technology is the expression of Consciousness, I elevate business owners and individuals alike in their business and personal lives. Using the HealThruWords® method I pave the way for their best potential. This is the key in my clients’ continuous growth, financial success, and well-being.

This new science proven method helps people and businesses focus on the positive aspects of their lives that will make them happy, successful and abundant and allows them to fulfill their highest potential.

To help our society grow into a more heart-centered community and empower the next generation, I also lead the GIVE Nation initiative, a virtual country for children from 5 to 18 and a gamified wallet for them to become philanthropists and practice sustainable financial literacy with partners such as UNICEF, Aflatoun, Brave and many others. Together with our team and community, we are building a nation based on altruism, empathy and compassion.

My innovations and methodology have changed businesses and people’s lives positively. My goal is to help 1B people live a happier life.

A deeper look…

I started my path of self-discovery 35 years ago. I thrived through different life adventures as an entrepreneur in many business areas, and am a recognized thought leader, international speaker, serial social entrepreneur, conscious technologist, philanthropist, master energy healer, and transformational coach.

By sharing my experiences and techniques through workshops, conferences, one-on-one coaching, healing sessions, and writings, as an international motivator, I have helped thousands on their path toward their own happiness and inner balance.

I am the creator of a new energy healing technique named “Axiatonal Reconnection™” and the “Quantum Reality™” method. I have been featured on specialized magazines in Alternative Therapy like Espacio HumanoRevista Salud and more recently on Forbes.

I co-founded and launched HealThruWords® with its exclusive Encoded Healing™ technology, which has already inspired more than 50 million individuals. Together with my team, we invite audiences to have a more positive, fulfilled and loving life through a series of teachings involving transformation with which our clients are able to find the love that lives within.

Let’s experience a life journey of infinite discoveries where we can become the person that we have always dreamed of, beyond day-to-day challenges, by transcending what we believe in so we can enter the recess of our love for ourselves and others. Letting go of our current beliefs, habits, and way of life is often difficult as we lack the adequate vision or imagination and willpower to create the new path to our ideal and thriving life.

Through advanced techniques and a deep understanding of life, the universe and everything, I offer an easily accessible path to guide you beyond all challenges in your daily routine, work, relationships, health, and into your own true, thriving life and dreamed successes.