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Anthony Teresi
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Guest Biography

Anthony Teresi is a renowned clairvoyant, master astrologer,

psychic visionary, sound healer, and empath, highly respected for his

compassion and integrity. Ever striving to grow into complete alignment with

the highest states of consciousness, his soul mission has been the

development, refinement, exploration, and mastery of his intuitive and psychic


He has to lead a life dedicated to extensive study and experience, through

which he has attained a remarkable capacity to access and embody the worlds

of vibrational healing, clairvoyance, psychic phenomenon, metaphysics,

cosmology, mysticism, theosophy, ontology, eastern and western philosophy,

Gnosticism, a flower of life physics, psychology, and beyond. Through the

attainment of this vast knowledge, his passionate desire to realize full

self-discovery and enlightened transformation grew, leading him to even more

esoteric studies.

Longing to go even deeper, he gained further spiritual insight through the

the practice of single-point meditation, which revealed a new sensory gift; the

ability to communicate directly through consciousness the unspoken language

of the heart. Upon the activation of this heightened awakening, he began

hearing and feeling the voices of those in need on a global scale, and felt

compelled to rise to that call, for now, was the time to share these gifts in

a greater way. While Anthony’s true path has always been grounded in

commitment and service to humanity, the totality of these experiences had

become greater than the sum of their parts. As a new consolidated vehicle of

expression emerged, he became compelled to reach out as a beacon of

understanding and hope, helping humanity and all those seeking a deeper truth

to find and follow their own true path.

Recently, Anthony has passionately studied the emerging fields of neural

plasticity, epigenetics, heart-mind coherence, and the wondrous concepts

relating to The Field. The blossoming of Anthony’s natural born gifts bore

the unique capacity to tune in to the realm of universal knowledge and the

hidden mysteries of the cosmos. This knowing empowers him to see, hear and,

most importantly, interpret messages from spirit, revealing profound inner

truths. This revelation was made possible as he has been granted passage

through multidimensional portals of consciousness that link humanity with the

realm of infinite possibility, both here in this plain of existence and


Choosing to travel the path of the mystic visionary, Anthony’s journey

simultaneously flowed into cosmic attunement, musical revelations,

multifaceted creativity, and artistic expression. Bridging both the physical

and celestial forces giving him a pure connection with the realms of the

cosmic and divine, his expanded perceptive sensitivity is intimately attuned

to a chorus of heavenly guides and the eternal beings that watch over us all.

Born with expanded awareness, Anthony has always been touched by and

connected with the divine presence that surrounds and flows through every

living creation. This is a precious blessing that has given him untold

insight into the limitless nature of Being.

Anthony is a multidimensional traveler who fuses his innate gifts with

intelligence and the wisdom born of heart-centered intuition. He has taught

and administered spiritual healing and guidance to thousands from around 

the globe as they search to experience and understand the unseen forces that

shape and transform all of our lives.

With his remarkable new book Rippling Waves: A Spiritual Journey Through the

Heart of the Universe, Anthony brings us along with him on one of his

journeys back to the source of our creation.