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Guest Name
Anthony Teresi
Rippling Waves: A Spiritual Journey Through the Heart of the Universe
Guest Occupation
Clairvoyant, master astrologer, psychic visionary, sound healer and empath
Guest Biography

Today’s show is about Rippling Waves: A Spiritual Journey Through the Heart of the Universe.  My guest is Anthony Teresi who is a renowned clairvoyant, master astrologer, psychic visionary, sound healer and empath, highly-respected for his compassion and integrity.  Today we travel with Anthony as he reveals the infinite bliss and wonder of the oneness that awaits us, in the transcendent dimensions where our pure consciousness resides and ultimately returns to the origin from which all love flows. He is a multidimensional traveler working with the highest intuitive, psychic, and visionary forces. Anthony fuses his natural gifts with the intellect and wisdom born of many lifetimes of experience to create a special language that has inspired countless souls as they gain an understanding of the unseen forces that shape and transform all of our lives.

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