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Guest Name
Ann Marchetti
Guest Occupation
Owner of Ann Marchetti Consulting & Consulting Director of Forward Dupage
Guest Biography

For the past twenty-six years, Ann Marchetti has held leadership roles in several successful nonprofit agencies towards a singular goal-- to improve the health and well being of children, youth and families. Drawing upon her unique combination of public policy, business and creative skills, Ann has assisted these nonprofits in optimizing their business models while building organizational capacity and developing sustainable programs.  In 2008, Ann was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for Outstanding Service to Children and Youth by the National Child Labor Committee.  This body remarked, “Ann has been at the forefront of action and has been the voice to improve the health, education, well-being and futures of millions of children.”

Ann founded AW Marchetti Consulting in 2008.  Her firm is dedicated to empowering a new generation of leaders to develop effective systems for capacity development and program delivery.  Ann believes that collaborative solutions enhance sustainability and build shared and lasting solutions for a brighter and healthier nation and world. As such, Ann serves as the Consulting Director of FORWARD DuPage. For ten years she has been responsible for providing leadership in building the organization’s marketing, finance, human resources and board governance capacity while expanding solutions to address the complex issue of obesity prevention.

Obesity remains a severe public health crisis.  For the past ten years, FORWARD DuPage has ensured that healthy lifestyles and obesity prevention remain a top priority in DuPage County. Through its leadership and partnerships, FORWARD DuPage has leveraged expertise with state and national obesity prevention experts and initiatives.  We convene, educate, connect and share best practices in nutrition, physical activity and built environment across a range of leaders and stakeholders. They in turn start new initiatives and programs, adopt practices, and change policies that improve the health of the citizens of the county. Between now and 2021, FORWARD DuPage will build on its history by targeting its resources to an area of urgent need - DuPage County children aged 0-11 years.  Currently DuPage County children aged 2-4 years show obesity rates higher than the national average.  Establishing a healthy lifestyle foundation when children are young, help ensure healthy habits for a lifetime.  Together we can make a difference!

Ann earned her MS degree from Radford University.

Ann not only brings infectious energy and determination to her work by developing creative and sustainable solutions for today’s complex social and business issues, but she is dedicated to creating a healthy and sustainable world by example. She regularly volunteers on local and national Boards and at community events, established a Farmers Market and bee apiary in her local community, and she serves as a Guardian Ad Litem/Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for several foster children.