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Mindfulness, heal, health, body, trauma, Wellness Strategies In The Workplace, Soul-Centered Work Space Design, The New Paradigm of Health for The 21st Century, The Importance of Self-regulation At Home and At Work, The Neuroscience of Trauma and The Healing Process, The Embodiment of Consciousness, How To Cultivate Sustainable Relationships
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Mind-Body Educator providing individuals with tools for self-regulation, presence & mindfulness
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ANGELICA SINGH: Reclaiming Disowned Parts | Road To Compassion.  HEALING THE SHADOW & OUR DISOWNED SELVES. The Next Step to Freedom!
Angelica's mission is to transform and awaken each person through an integrated Mind/Body approach to healing that embraces the neuroscience of trauma resolution, and the wisdom of spiritual traditions and embodied consciousness practices that form the "Art of Presence."
In today's show Angelica is discussing our shadow side, which contains the emotions and desires we've disowned, neglected, or hidden from ourselves. Heal yourself, heal the world.
Shadow” = any part of ourselves, positive or negative, that we unconsciously repress or deny.  We avoid our shadow selves by projecting onto others what we reject about ourselves, both positive and negative. “You are wonderful… not me” “You are annoying… not me.”


By doing this we disown and disassociate from our rejected selves. Thus we push these selves into the unconscious from where they continue to exert a profound influence on our thoughts, feelings and behavior, without our awareness or consent. 


Have you ever felt like something seemed to take over, leaving you thinking to yourself, why the heck did I do that? Or you might be thinking to yourself, “that wasn’t me” or “how could I have done that!?” Welcome to your dark side - enjoy this rich and comprehensive conversation with expert Angelica Singh.
Angelica's services include: Embodiment Process Counseling, Workshops, and Foundational Training; Biodynamic Craniosacral Healing Sessions; Trauma Resolution and Somatic Counseling; Depth Consciousness Work; Astrology Sessions; Speaking Engagements; Corporate Wellness Consulting; and Service Consciousness Oriented Retreats.  
Over 15 years of trauma resolution led to Angelica’s development of The Embodiment Process, with origins in both Western and Eastern paradigms of wisdom and knowledge, and includes the latest neuroscience and its practical application in working with trauma and human consciousness.
Angelica was featured in Oprah Winfrey's "O Magazine," for her amazing healing abilities and insights
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